Bi-Weekly Mailchimp Newsletter <500 Contacts

Professionally Designed for You and You Alone

Peak Digital Design utilizes MailChimp to create the eblast and post it to your social profiles, and we will setup APINation to sync your Mailchimp Account and Command contacts for a continuous sync. If you have less than 500 contacts in Command to receive your newsletter, then you can still use Mailchimp directly, since they recently downgraded their free account to only include 500 contacts, so if you have less than 500 contacts, we do not need to copy it into Command and send out through that system, so the price $50/m all inclusive, no contracts. Mailchimp charges $23/m a month to upgrade the account to allow for 1500 contacts as an option as well.

Custom Newsletter Generation Project Includes:

  1. Additional $25 setup fee for first newsletter includes mailchimp setup, social integration, contacts syncing setu with Command and newsletter design/layout.
  2. Call to discuss newsletter content preferences.
  3. Pricing reflects a bi-weekly (every two weeks) charge of $50 for Peak to populate your newsletter template in Mailchimp with relevant info pertaining to local and real estate events. Pricing includes up to two online articles/blog posts with links back to full article, one featured listing, one joke/quote/inspiration, one custom written intro paragraph and high definition, attention grabbing image. If your newsletter is significantly more detailed than the above, contact us and let’s discuss it! 
  4. Newsletter will be sent to you for final review, up to two rounds of changes made, and Peak will login to your MailChimp account and send out to your specified contact lists on your behalf.
  5. Peak can assist with setting up your MailChimp account and connecting it to KW Command for an additional setup fee (see below). 
  6. No contracts, cancel anytime within 5 days of the next newsletter date.


Bi-Weekly Mailchimp Newsletter <500 Contacts

    There is a one time, $25 set up fee that includes Mailchimp setup, design of newsletter and header, connection to KW Command and assistance with Mailchimp social integration.

    Please list any must haves or planned topics for content that you'd like to see in your newsletter so we can create the necessary layout to accommodate the content.

    Please enter anything else we should know here, we are happy to reach out and schedule a call with you to discuss the details or you may visit and choose a call slot that works with your schedule. Thanks so much! 

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