Direct Mail Postcards

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Our Two-sided Property Postcards will be professionally designed and ordered through your KW Command account to take advantage of the discounted pricing and EDDM. Each design is printed on a Jumbo 6″ x 9″ two-sided glossy postcard. Please fill out the fields below to provide your listing information and photos. If the property is already listed and found online, we will only need the high resolution images you’d like to use on print versions only uploaded to the form below and will obtain the rest of the information needed from online sources to save you time. The printing and postage prices are in addition to the $35 design fee.

Direct Mail Postcards

    Let us know if you already have a postcard designed and print ready, set to 6.25 x 9.25 with bleed and trim margins in a high res PDF. If not this size, we will contact you to edit or ask if you'd like us to! 

    Please upload the front side only of the PDF of your postcard.

    Please upload the back side only of the PDF of your postcard.

    Please let us know of any upgrades or notable home features you'd like mentioned within the property marketing.

    Ad Copy Options

    If you have handwritten copy, please feel free to snap a photo or scan it in to avoid having to retype it. (please be legible)

    Please use this box to paste a link to a dropbox, open shared Google Drive folder or direct link from the photographer to provide us access to the photos needed (share with or upload below. If print marketing is ordered, we will need the high resolution versions, if digital-only is ordered, we will only need the web versions (smaller). We cannot start the project until all photos are received.

    Let us know if you prefer to have the list or sold price printed on your postcard or left off.

    Direct Mail Marketing - Postcard Options

    Our custom designed postcard templates are not found anywhere else. Whether you need a luxury version (over $700K) or a Standard version, we have you covered! The $35 fee includes the design and digital version of the postcard. Printing, Shipping and Quantity options fields will appear below as you make your selections, click on an image below to select your template of choice.

    Standard or First Class Mail Options below. All prices including printing and postage.

    Step 1 - Select Your Mail Route

    Visit USPS EDDM MAIL ROUTES, type in a centralized (or listing) address click search.  Hover over the street near your centralized point to highlight the mail route you'd like to mail to.  Upon hovering, note the mail route number as well as the number of residential addresses, you'll enter these numbers in the next section. 

    Enter the route number from USPS. Typically the route will contain the zip code and a - code after it.  Ex - 60540-C012 - enter this number below.

    This number should match the quantity number you select in the next field that will appear once you determine the total number range. 

    Step 2 - Enter quantity range and total mailpieces

    In the below section, select the quantity range to determine per piece pricing, then adjust the quantity amount to reflect the number of mailpieces you found on the usps Select a Route website above.

    IMPORTANT - Update the quantity number below the range you've selected to match the # of mailpieces from USPS. All prices including printing and postage.

    If you'd like to order more brochures/postcards, want to use mixed templates or have additional requests, please write them here. We will will contact you with any additional costs or details regarding your request. Please reach out to us here prior to completing your order if those questions could result in a refund request. You can always finish all of the order details and add it to your cart so you don't have to re-place a new order.

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