KW Command Campaigns – 8×8 Buyer / Seller

Cement Your Relationship…and Turn a Lead into a Client, Automatically

If you’ve read the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book by Gary Keller, you know there are highly researched strategies in place to help convert new leads to clients. The 8 x 8 campaign is designed specifically for that. Maybe you ran a Facebook ad for a listing for sale, and leads are coming in. But what do we do with them? How do we follow up?

Since the ad was promoting a listing for sale, we typically know these leads are buyers, so we would assign them to a buyer focused 8×8 campaign, to automatically start building a relationship on our behalf while we schedule a call with them to discuss more details.

When we run an ad or have a landing page with a form that someone can fill out for a free home evaluation, we know these leads are sellers, so we need a seller focused 8×8 campaign to cement the relationship and encourage them to reach out so you can start a conversation.

8×8 KW Command Email Campaign Project Includes:

  1. Either Buyer or Seller focused campaign.
  2. A mix of 8 steps including tasks, texts, and automated emails, setup in your KW Command account and customized for better layout, formatting and with your contact information. Email content is derived from existing email content already in the KW Command library and then modified.
  3. Upon completion of the project, you will have a reusable buyer or seller focused campaign saved in your command that you can easily assign to any contact or group of contacts in your Command Contacts database.


KW Command Campaigns – 8×8 Buyer / Seller

    Select which focus you'd like your 8x8 campaign geared toward. 

    If you have Twilio setup in KW command and would like to include text marketing within this campaign, please select Yes, add Twilio. Twilio setup is not included in this project price but is offered for an additional fee below. Twilio text marketing does include a per text cost charged directly by KW Command/Twilio. If not, no text marketing will be included and more emails will take their place in the campaign.

    Please add any notes or details here that we should know prior to beginning the project.

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