Listing Package A – The Apex Package


The Apex Listing Marketing Package is geared toward luxury homes listed over $700K. Below is a list of all that’s included for this luxury package. Within the below package, the agents minimal responsibilities for marketing includes proofing/providing approval of all completed marketing efforts, advising the budget for the social ad (if desired) and…that’s it! From a marketing perspective, we handle the rest! The cost of the marketing package includes all shipping, printing and postage!

Listing Package B Includes:

      • (25) Professionally Printed 4-page Luxury Booklets – printing and shipping included (you pick which template in the order form)
      • (250) 2-sided Luxury Postcards – printing and shipping included (mailed to surrounding homes through your Command Account)
      • Just Listed Social Media Posts on Facebook and Instagram
      • Social Media Ad Setup in Your Command (ad budget responsibility of agent)
      • Just Listed eBlast Setup in Your Command (your template or KW Command template)
      • Finally, a Completed Listing Email Drafted to Your Sellers with Links to Online Marketing Efforts and PDF Versions of the Print Marketing That Was Created to Show Them a Nice List of the Marketing Efforts You Had Completed to Sell Their Home (most sellers never see anything like this and are really impressed)

Print Marketing Options

We have created custom, professional templates not used by any other marketing company or program to advertise your listing for sale. We have also created some exclusive, unique designs for you to choose from depending on your style preferences as they relate to the home. Below are the layout options so you can get a jump start on reviewing the templates included in this package so you can place your order quickly! Click on one of the images below to see an enlarged version of the front, inside left, inside right, and back cover of these 8.5″ x 11″ four-page booklets, as well as the matching 6″ x 9″ two-sided jumbo postcards. Select the corresponding branding package number in the order form to choose which version you’d like to go with.

Branding Package 1 – Black

Branding Package 2 – Taupe

Branding Package 3 – White

Listing Package A – The Apex Package

    Please let us know of any upgrades or notable home features you'd like mentioned within the property marketing.

    Please paste the public remarks you'd like used in the marketing pieces here or upload in the box below. 

    Scroll up to view the corresponding number of the branding design you'd like to use for the Luxury Brochure and Luxury Postcard within this listing marketing package. A simple 1, 2 or 3! 

    Let us know if you prefer to have the list price printed on your brochure, postcard, both or neither.

    Standard shipping is included, priority shipping options are available in the dropdown below.

    Standard shipping is included, first class shipping options are available in the dropdown below.

    Seller(s) names are only requested so sign installers and photographers can address them on a personal level.

    Seller(s) names are only requested so sign installers and photographers can address them on a personal level.

    We are happy to email your seller directly on your behalf with a summary of completed marketing efforts for your listing as your marketing team. Let us know if you prefer to provide this directly to your sellers or if you'd like us to send it after your final approval on all efforts.

    Please enter your KW Command username here.

    Please enter your KW Command password here.

    Sounds good, we will send the final completed listing email to your email address so that you may forward it send it directly to your sellers as yourself.

    If you'd like to order more brochures/postcards, want to use mixed templates or have additional requests, please write them here. We will will contact you with any additional costs or details regarding your request. Please reach out to us here prior to completing your order if those questions could result in a refund request. You can always finish all of the order details and add it to your cart so you don't have to re-place a new order.

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