KW Command Facebook Ads

Take Advantage of Facebook Ads…and the Buying Power of KW 

Keller Williams has an exclusive agreement with Facebook, where all agents posting ads through KW Command will receive more impressions for the dollar than running ads directly through Facebook directly as an individual consumer. Peak Design + Print can help setup an ad or ad campaign for you, and can link the contact form in the ad to one of the SmartPlans in your system!  Need a SmartPlan first? Contact us to discuss a custom SmartPlan or check out the 8×8 buyer and seller focused SmartPlans for lead conversion

KW Command Facebook Ad Project Includes:

  1. One ad per product purchase setup in your KW Command for a setup fee of $25 (not including ad spend). Please add a second, separate product to your cart if additional ads are needed for other targets.
  2. Peak will include a high res photo (including only minimal text overlay due to 20% Facebook ad rule).
  3. Peak will write an ad geared toward the topic of your choice.
  4. Peak will send the ad and proposed graphic to the client for approval.
  5. Once approved, Peak will activate ad in clients KW Command account to be billed to clients credit card per budget and duration set by client.
  6. Clients credit card stored in KW Command will be used for all Facebook advertising costs.


KW Command Facebook Ads

    Please enter details about your ad target.

    Please enter a duration of time you'd like the ad to run for. If there is an event to promote, we recommend to select the day the event begins as the last day for the ad to run unless it spans multiple days. Options would include a day, 3 days, a week, 2 weeks, a month, etc. 

    The ad will be linked to your credit card in Command. We can set a maximum budget on this particular ad so you know exactly how much the ad will cost you. Please enter your total ad spend amount here.

    When someone fills out a form from the FB ad, we can have them auto imported into Command and assigned to a SmartPlan automatically. Please enter the name of the SmartPlan you'd like to link to the ad. Need a custom smartplan? Contact us

    Please enter anything else we should know here, we are happy to reach out and schedule a call with you to discuss the details or you may visit and choose a call slot that works with your schedule. Thanks so much! 

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